Keeper Bots

Apex.win requires keeper bots that diligently watch over the blockchain to ensure that all the advanced orders get executed quickly and reliably.

We are proud to release our first keeper bot which can be found here.

It has always been our plan to open source these bots, to allow anybody to run a bot. By encouraging and incentivising users to run bots, we improve the reliability of the network as a whole. It will also allow for some of our users to make a profit running these bots.

Our bot has a number of key components and utilises different products to function effectively

  • brownie and web3py – libraries used to interact directly with web3. We are able to leverage the power of these libraries to code the bot entirely in python and make appropriate calls and transactions to the ethereum blockchain.
  • the graph – web3 indexing allows real-time processing of blockchain data. These data can be used to make advanced queries such as “give me a list of all the orders that haven’t expired which have the largest bot fee” so that the keeper bot can prioritise orders which will be more profitable to the bot.

In the spirit of open source, we would welcome further discussion on the coding of keeper bots. Perhaps some of our more technical users may have ideas on how the bot could be improved.

Further information can be found in our docs at https://docs.apex.win/apex-docs/developer-guide/keeper-bot

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