Rise of the Apes

We are very excited to announce the open launch of apex.win on xDai.

What is apex?

Apex is a platform that allows users to create limit orders and other advanced order types on the perpetual protocol.

Our desire was to build a fully decentralised and non-custodial solution to allow users to create these advanced orders.

We have designed and implemented smart contracts that allow users to create the following types of orders for all asset types available on the perpetual protocol:

  • Limit orders
  • Stop orders (stop market + stop limit)
  • Trailing orders
  • Reduce only orders

How does it work?

Users can create a ‘smart wallet’. This smart wallet is a hybrid between an externally owned account and a smart contract and allows for the following functionality:

  • The owner of the smart wallet is able to create/modify/delete orders.
  • ‘Keepers’ are able to watch over these orders and will trigger them to be executed when the appropriate conditions have been met.
  • The owner of the smart wallet will pay a ‘tip’ or ‘fee’ in order for their order to be successfully executed.

Why apex?

With the rising interest and market exposure to crypto derivatives, we have always believed that it is vital for decentralised exchanges to start offering perpetual contracts. In order to be competitive with centralised exchanges, the ability to create limit orders and other advanced orders is vital.

As traders, we love using perp.exchange and have always wanted the ability to create limit orders. When we saw that there was a bounty to create this functionality, we wanted to create a platform that people would enjoy using.

We hope you enjoy using it

How can I get started?

  1. Please familiarise yourself with the protocol by reading the docs
  2. Go to trade.apex.win
  3. Connect wallet via xDai
  4. Spawn Smart Wallet
  5. Deposit USDC onto smart wallet
  6. Approve USDC for use via Manage Funds > Set Bot Allowance
  7. Start trading!

Any comments or feedback? Please feel free to contact us on the limit-order-beta channel on discord

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